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Konsum & Natur is an independent association in Zürich, Switzerland (see About us). Konsum & Natur supports consumers who are concerned about the effects of modern agriculture on wildlife and habitats.

What do we mean by nature?
Wild animals and plants and their habitats.

Why does nature protection begin with intelligent consumption?
Many animal and plant species live in areas that are cultivated. The intensity of agriculture determines the ecological quality of habitats and the survival of fauna and flora. With intelligent consumption you can reduce the intensity of agriculture and improve the quality of habitats. Further food such as mushrooms, fish and game is collected, caught or hunted in its natural environment. This often causes imbalances and damage to the corresponding ecosystems. By giving up eating of such foodstuffs, you will protect nature.

Consumption with respect to nature also improves the dignity of humans, who produce our food:



updated November 2005